Expect Ideal Results for Your Real Estate Transactions Our 2% ‘New Home’ Buyer Rebate saves our clients thousands of dollars

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to streamline the process of working with builders and community sales staff. Whether you decide to build from the ground up, or choose a home-in-progress, we will assist you in negotiating the best terms and incentives available and guide you through the entire process of buying your dream home.

Our goal at Hoffman International Properties is to make the home buying process a positive and rewarding experience.

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Services Offered

We provide comprehensive real estate brokerage services for your specific needs. When buying a new home you will need an experienced professional to represent your best interests throughout the transaction.

Our Buyer’s Rebate Program

When you choose HIP as your Buyer Broker, you can receive a cashback rebate for your real estate transaction. Individuals who are planning to purchase new construction can take advantage of this unique opportunity. Our 2% Buyer’s Rebate Program will save you thousands of dollars with no sliding scales, long-term obligations, or coupons to clip.

About Us

Hoffman International Properties has been offering rebates in Atlanta since locating here in 1996. Our Broker has always believed there was a more equitable way of doing business. With more than 30 plus years of experience in the real estate business our Buyers benefit from the conviction that it was simply time for a change.

Why Choose HIP

Attentive and patient listening skills and confident negotiation skills are the most important elements in assuring a successful outcome for our clients. We will provide guidance, see you through the contract process, address your concerns promptly, and help smooth out any bumps along the way while always treating you with the professionalism and attention to detail you deserve.

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Reach out to us today for outstanding real estate brokerage services and helpful rebate programs. We would be more than happy to assist you in achieving a successful buying transaction.